We would like to sincerely invite you to the second international symposium on Future Active Safety Technology toward zero traffic accidents (FAST-zero '13), which will be held at Nagoya University, near the center of Nagoya city in Japan, from September 22-26, 2013.

The first symposium, FAST-zero '11 in Tokyo, was very successful, and strongly contributed to the exchange of knowledge about active safety technology between the researchers from various countries. Due to the success of FAST-zero '11, we are expecting further discussions and more exchange of information about active safety research by specialists from both industrial and academic circles.

Since the annual estimate for fatalities from car accidents around the world has reached 12,000,000 (WHO report), drastic and immediate reductions in the number of car accidents have become imperative. Researchers and engineers in the field of active safety from Europe, North America, and Asia are working hard to achieve the goal of zero traffic accidents.

We foresee substantial contributions and further development in technological and academic research in this area. In our aim to attain a world where there are zero traffic accidents, we continue to organize this biennial international symposium to discuss future active safety technologies.

We hope you will be able attend and help us in this effort.

Prof. Yoshimi Furukawa
General Chair


dummy Yoshimi Furukawa
General Chair
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
dummy Takamasa Suetomi
Steering Chair
Mazda Motor, Japan
Shun'ichi Doi Shun'ichi Doi
International Scientific Committee Chair,
Kagawa University, Japan
Shun'ichi Doi Kazuya Takeda
Local Committee Chair
Nagoya University, Japan